My name is Albena Petkova and I was born in Rousse, Bulgaria. I have two kids - a boy and a girl. I work in my own accountant firm. I started working on jewelry in 2012. I had to find for my daughter's prom a set of jewelry with svarovski crystals in black and red, but i couldn't find anything. My son had taken me recently to a bead shop, to help him to make a present for his girlfriend. Thinking about that I decided to try and make the set for my daughter myself. I was so into beadweaving, by my daughters prom i had already completed 35 different sets. True, some of them were just beads on a wire, but still finished. In that time i realise i know nothing and started studying different techniques. With each new jewelry i make i learn a new technique. I love to experiment and improvise and i find it hard to repeat the same thing. Even if i'm using someone else's pattern, i always change something.