Madame du Barry became the official mistress of King Louis XV and moved to Palace of Versailles. Like all royal mistresses, Madame du Barry lived comfortably. After moving in on the second floor of the King's chambers she began to enjoy the perks of her position, receiving jewellery and estates from the King. As a great lover of the arts, she was a patron to various painters and craftsmen and helped to nurture the neo-classical style at Versailles. In 1772, the infatuated Louis XV requested that Parisian jewellers Boehmer and Bassenge create an elaborate and spectacular diamond necklace for du Barry, one that would surpass all known others in grandeur. It is this Diamond Necklace (also known as Collier de la Reine) that inspired Le Sautoir de Madame du Barry. Le Sautoir de Madame Du Barry is a long elegant faux lariat with a beautifully bezelled Swarovski crystal suspended from fine chains as a pendant. A lush and luxurious tassel dangles from the pendant. Long ropes of beautifully woven beads hang on each side of the pendant framing it. It may be knotted across the front or left dangling for a more fun look.


Helena Tang-Lim started beaded in the mid-1990s so that she could make a pair of beaded shoes for herself. And from there, a passion, nay an...