My name is Albena Petkova and I was born in Rousse, Bulgaria.
I started working on jewelry in 2012. I was looking for a set of jewelry with Swarovski crystals in black and red for my daughter's prom, but I couldn't find anything. My son had taken me recently to a bead shop, to help him find a present for his girlfriend. Thinking about that I decided to try and make the set for my daughter myself. I was so into beading - by my daughter’s prom I had already completed 35 different sets. True, some of them were just beads on a wire, but still finished pieces. In that time I realized I know nothing and started studying different techniques. With each new piece I make I learn a new technique. I love to experiment and improvise and I find it hard to repeat the same thing. Even if I’m using someone else's pattern, I always change something. I continue to study new techniques, but in 2016 I began teaching and I had my first students in Bergamo Italy. The feeling is amazing.
I am inspired by nature, music, movies. Sometimes I’m inspired by the material itself which I will work with. I really enjoy and prefer working with Swarovski crystals, organic pearls, semi-precious stones, seed beads and fire-polished beads. Sometimes I incorporate materials like genuine fossils, shells, wood and metal. But I love working with semi-precious stones and seed beads.
I am a former opera singer. And for me to be extravagant and different is my way of life. I love freedom, diversity, beauty and style. So I'm in love with this type of jewelry. My goal is to make pieces that are different, elegant, extravagant and unique.
In 2014, 2015 and 2016 I was participating in Battle of the Bedsmith Contest.
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