Joanne had her first formal training in colour and design in the early 1990′s whilst studying Interior Design and discovered beading some 10 years later. She instantly fell in love with the wonderful world of beadwork and jewellery-making and over the years has continuously added to her skills, supplementing self-teaching and experimentation with workshop instruction in various techniques. Her real love and focus is beadwork and her work is mostly inspired by the sea and by the colours of the beautiful Maltese Islands, her home.

Sea urchin shells and other finds collected from the sea around Malta often feature in Joanne's work. All the sea urchin shells she uses in her designs are collected by members of her family who take care to collect only shells from the sea, leaving live sea urchins undisturbed. In their natural state, sea urchin shells are very fragile and need to be handled with care. The shells are washed carefully then strengthened and protected in a way that the natural appearance of each shell is maintained whilst ensuring that they are hardwearing enough to be used in jewellery and accessories.

Joanne participated in the International Battle Of The Beadsmith beading contest in 2014, in 2015 when she reached the Final with "Atlantis", and in 2016 when she made it to Round 6 with "Interlude".. She was awarded Malta’s National Artisan Award for 2014.

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