My name is Csilla Papp. I am a jewelry designer, I work primarily with soutache braid, beads, crystals and leather, and have been creating beaded pieces for retail since January 2011. I have worked in beadweaving and bead embroidery, but feel soutache best suits my style. About half a year after making my first soutache creation, the owner of a bead shop ask me to make tutorials for them. Then I continued to write tutorials and began growing my online fan base. I participated in the Stitch and Craft Show with The BeadSmith introducing the technique of soutache at this show. In response I received requests from bead shops in England and from the USA to teach soutache workshops. My work has been published in magazines in Australia and England. I have had requests from The Jewelry Channel TV to represent the soutache technique in England. My book- Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making has been published in February, 2016.