In 2008 Erika Sándor was starting on a promising career of a linguist / fiction writer. Then she bought her first beads and left it promptly behind, to co-found the first bead shop in Slovakia. She ran the place for six years, designed jewels and taught beading classes.
In 2015 Erika moved to Amsterdam and decided to pursue a full-time career of a beadwork designer and teacher. She loves to play with shaped beads and to create new, distinctive colour combinations. Her designs are inspired by distant countries, literature and beads themselves.
Her mission is to attract more attention to beadwork and to participate in creating a friendly, inclusive and ethical beadworld for everyone. Erika is a member of the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad, and was a group-finalist of the Battle of the Beadsmith. In 2018 she self-published her first e-book and sold nearly 200 copies in the first month.
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